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22 Best Multiplayer VR Games in 2023 [Gamer’s Review]

Multiplayer VR Games
Multiplayer VR Games

Multiplayer VR Games are something that every kid has dreamed of for decades and we are happy to say that this dream has come true. Today, we will share the best ones we have personally tried and liked.

The VR gaming industry is currently valued at over $12.3 billion, which indicates the rising trend of immersive gameplay worldwide. Using virtual reality, gamers can enter a virtual realm and experience the gameplay from a first-person perspective. 

Modern-day VR headsets come with up to 2488 x 2488 pixels resolution and 3D audio, creating highly realistic lifelike experiences for gamers in their favorite games. Each game has its storyline and objectives; thus, players can experience gameplay from a unique perspective whenever they try a new game.

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What Are VR Games?

In one sentence, virtual reality (VR) games are video games experienced using either a standalone VR headset or a PC VR headset. In rare instances, VR games can also be played from your smartphone slotted in a VR canister called smartphone VR, but this type of virtual reality has gone out of vogue.

Further, VR games can come in three forms: native VR games, ported VR games, and modded VR games.

Native VR games

Native VR games are natively developed for virtual reality and, generally, deliver the best immersive gaming experience.

Great examples of native VR games are Half-Life: Alyx, Beat Saber, and Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Ported VR games

VR ports happen on traditional games which have gained enough widespread popularity to demand a VR version and/or when the developers see the potential for them to be experienced in virtual reality.

In the past, when VR gaming was in its infancy, VR ports were hit-and-miss, but with the growing VR player base, the quality of VR ports has increased.

Great examples of ported VR games are Among Us VR, SUPERHOT VR, and No Man’s Sky VR.

Modded VR games

Finally, modded VR games exclusively exist in the PC VR headset category, where headsets like Valve Index live. VR mods are unofficial virtual reality ports of traditional video games. Because of this ‘DIY nature’ means VR mods struggle with performance optimization and polish. Thus delving into VR mods requires a powerful gaming rig, technical expertise, and a willingness to experience some jank.

Great examples of modded VR games are Cyberpunk 2077 VR mod, Deep Rock Galactic VR mod, and Outer Wilds VR mod.

If this ain’t good enough for you, we have covered much more about VR games in this article: Top 13 VR Games You Can Play Without a Controller (2022)

multiplayer vr games

Definition of Multiplayer VR Games

Multiplayer VR Games allow users to jump into virtual worlds with multiple players. This creates an added level of immersion and makes the entire experience much more realistic. You can play competitive and cooperative modes with friends and other players. The games feature exciting elements such as group chats, proximity chats, and much more.

Many Multiplayer VR games offer cross-platform support, meaning if your friends are on a PC and you are on a console, you can still play together! You can join different quests with your friends and help each other accomplish objectives, defeat enemies, and much more!

Competitive game modes allow you to compete with your friends to get a higher score, and the VR element of these games makes the experience much more fun!

Top 22 Multiplayer VR Games

Competing against different players in virtual reality is incredibly fun. We’ve outlined some of the best multiplayer VR games you can experience with friends!

Best Co-Op VR Games

1. Rec Room (Best VR Game to Play With Friends)

Released in 2016, this VR game can be played on multiple platforms such as PC, PlayStation (4 and 5), Xbox (Series X and Y), Android, and even MetaQuest2!

The primary reason behind Rec Room’s popularity is its emphasis on social interactions. Players can hang out with friends, experience concerts, play exciting minigames, and complete various objectives. If you’re looking for a fun place to spend time with your friends, this game is perfect!

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

2. Phasmophobia (Best Overall Co-Op VR Game)

Phasmophobia VR Gameplay

Phasmophobia is a four-player co-op game seeing you explore haunted environments and gather as much evidence as you can. Phasmophobia is still in Early Access, but its developers update the game regularly.

Phasmophobia will require a fairly powerful gaming PC to run optimally in VR.

On Steam, Phasmophobia has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review score of 96% from 452,500 reviews, with the most recent being “Overwhelmingly Positive” at 95%.

Possibly the best VR multiplayer game on this list is Phasmophobia. As the type of fear the game is named from – an intense fear of ghosts – fits well for this four-player co-op investigation title. So while it might have a tinge of Twitch bait to it, Phasmophobia is nothing but. It nails the atmospheric horror genre with minimal jump scares and combines it with an excellent co-op concept of ghost hunting using a wide selection of equipment. The one downside is not even a negative, the core gameplay loop requires continuous updates of new levels or revamps of existing ones to keep the game fresh. Thankfully, Phasmophobia is regularly updated, but I dread the day when it won’t. The developers should look into procedural-level generation.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 5/5

3. Blade and Sorcery (Most Realistic Multiplayer VR Game)

Released in 2018, Blade and Sorcery was developed by WarpFrog and generated over $1 million in revenue in its first two days. The co-op VR gameplay features incredible dynamics where each movement feels realistic. You can summon weapons, use your hands to shoot lightning, and much more. 

While there is no specific storyline, the game’s VR dynamics make it an incredible choice. You can choose between becoming a sorcerer, warrior, or ranger and start fighting enemies the second you enter battle. Each character has its abilities, making it an enjoyable experience.

While the game is not explicitly set up for multiplayer, players have developed mods that allow players to step into this combative virtual world together to defeat enemies. Combine different abilities by picking different warriors, and you’ll have the perfect combo to win.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

4. Payday 2 (Best Free Multiplayer VR Game)

Developed by Overkill Software in 2013, Payday 2 is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Players can step into the shoes of different characters, such as Hoxton, Chains, Wolf, and Dallas, to go on a widespread criminal rampage. 

The gameplay is set in Washington, DC, and you can play with up to three friends. You may install the additional DLC for Payday 2 VR if you already possess the main game. It lets you view everything in virtual reality, making the entire experience more immersive. 

The best part about it is that it is free yet offers a top-notch co-op virtual reality gaming experience. If you’re a fan of “robbery” related TV shows such as Money Heist, this game is perfect for you! 

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

5. The Forest (Best Triller VR Multiplayer Game)

Two People Playing Virtual Reality

Developed by Endnight Games in 2014, this game is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC. It is a fun survival-themed thriller game. The VR element adds an extra layer of interactivity, and this thriller will surely make your heart race. 

Imagine stepping into a dark world with your friends and figuring out a way to survive together under very trying circumstances. The default mode of this game is a co-op, and it is essential to remember that players can injure and kill each other. But the game is much more fun if you work collectively to survive.

The gameplay revolves around surviving cannibalistic monsters while searching for the player’s son. It is one of the most engaging co-op VR games to date.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

Most Fun Multiplayer VR Games

6. I Expect You to Die (Best Puzzle Game)

Schell Games released this exciting VR game on August 24th, 2021. It is compatible with Steam and MetaQuest2.

Players have to solve different riddles in the game and utilize telekinetic abilities to influence the environment. You can step into the shoes of a secret agent to solve life-or-death situations by solving puzzles. 

You can even utilize telekinesis to influence the environment. There is a time limit to solving each challenge, and several things can go wrong. You can die to grenades, poison gas, be squished, and much more. You’ll have a great time attempting to solve all of the problems in this adventure because they are pretty challenging. 

The entire experience can be rather funny because when you die, you get to look into a briefcase with a slip of paper explaining what went wrong and then restart the challenge all over again.

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a light-hearted game to solve puzzles. 

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

7. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (Most Fun Multiplayer VR Game)

This game is by Owlchemy Labs and Adult Swim Games. It was released on April 15th, 2017, and is played on Microsoft Windows, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation 4.

Built after the famous animated sitcom series, this VR game allows players to step into the world of Rick and Morty as a Morty “clone .”You can explore mysterious alien worlds, open portals to strange realms and help Rick perform his weird experiments. If you are looking for fun VR games, this one is must have.

VR controllers allow users to pick objects up to play and move around within the game. You can choose to follow the instructions given by Rick or try to solve the puzzles on your own! It’s a very fun overall experience.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

8. Drunken Bar Fight (Best VR Fighting Game)

This game is by The Munky. It was released on November 28th, 2016, and is played on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

If you want to experience the consequences of engaging in a drunken bar fight, this game allows you to do that – without the harmful implications in real life. You can smash bottles on people’s heads and tap into that violent side to release all stress. You can use darts, beers, and even furniture to throw stuff around.

While bar fighting is never a good idea in real life, it certainly is very entertaining in virtual reality. If you want to play with your pals and have the bar brawl of your dreams, you can also experience multiplayer mode.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

9. Legendary Tales (Most Versatile Co-Op RPG)

Legendary Tales VR Gameplay

Legendary Tales is an Early Access action RPG played solo or with three other players going through fantasy-medieval dungeons.

On Steam, Legendary Tales has a “Very Positive” review score of 82% from 1,600 reviews, with the most recent being “Mixed” at 50%.

Legendary Tales is moderately accessible as a PC VR game, requiring a gaming computer.

Before delving into your dungeons with your friends, you create your character by attributing points to the six standard ability types that actually change how you play the game. Do you want to be a meat shield barring entry for skellies, okay. How about a glass-cannon spell slinger hiding behind said meat shield, you got it. Legendary Tales also keeps you hooked with loot and skill upgrades that actually matter (none of that 0.1% more damage from daggers BS). I am not the biggest fan of the art style, the movement feels too slow, and the devs seem to have decreased their updates for this Early Access VR multiplayer game.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

Best 2 Player VR Games     

10. Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Best Crossplay Game)

This game is by Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft. It was released on May 30th, 2017, and is played on Windows PC, Oculus Quest, and Virtual Reality headgear. 

You can join the Starfleet in Star Trek: Bridge Crew. It emphasizes cooperation and interaction among four diverse Trekkies. You may choose from four different jobs, and each one is crucial to the team’s victory. It’s a game that supports cross-play and provides a unique experience.

If you’re a fan of the Star Trek series and love space exploration, this game is the perfect choice for you!

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 3/5

11. Population: One (Best Multiplayer Battle Royale VR Game)

This game is by BigBox VR, Inc. It was released on October 22nd, 2020, and is played on Windows PC headgear and Oculus Quest.

Players can experience vertical freedom in the epic royal fight game “Population: One”. They can build, climb and fly, all while experiencing VR in first person. In addition, since it’s a first-person shooter, the game dynamics include many battle royale features. Fighting while flying and in the air is one of the most distinctive features of this game.

The vertical fighting mechanism in the game is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. The mechanics of the pistol are incredibly responsive and fluid. The battle royale genre gains a completely new level of strategy with the addition of climbing, constructing, and flying. If you’re searching for a multiplayer battle royale virtual reality game, this is among the best ones currently out there.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

12. Arizona Sunshine (Best Zombie Multiplayer VR Game)

Built by Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive, this multiplayer VR game was released on December 6th, 2016, and is played on Windows PC headgear, PSVR, and Oculus.

Have you ever imagined how a virtual reality version of a zombie shooting game like Left 4 Dead 2 or Dying Light might appear? Arizona Sunshine is the Virtual Reality zombie shooting game that comes closest to being ideal.

You and up to three other players are pitted against a swarm of meat-eating zombies in the game. Use different weapons and your environment to protect yourself against the undead as you explore Sunshine, Arizona. Free exploring is another feature that enables simple movement from one location to another utilizing VR controllers.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

Best VR Multiplayer Mod

13. Deep Rock Galactic VR Mod

Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) is a traditional PC four-player space mining and alien boss-fighting wave shooter RPG. And to increased demand, the developer Ghost Ship Games has started to port DRG to VR, currently in public beta as a mod.

Deep Rock Galactic VR mod will require a fairly powerful gaming PC to run optimally as it is not fully optimized.

I’m going to write it right out the gate: Deep Rock Galactic (DRC) is the best co-op game since Left 4 Dead. Done, quote it, print it, play it. But if you want more, then by rock and stone, this stellar cooperative mining and raiding RPG sees you play dwarves adopting different classes with their distinct play style and role (damage dealer, medic, trapper, miner, and so on) with an incredibly addicting gameplay loop and an RPG system that is perfectly balanced to give you upgrades and new equipment that keep things interesting. Play it, even outside of VR.

Deep Rock Galactic VR Gameplay

On Steam, Deep Rock Galactic has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review score of 97% from 167,500 reviews, with the most recent being “Overwhelmingly Positive” at 97%.

Deep Rock Galactic (DRC) is the best co-op game since Left 4 Dead. Done, quote it, print it, play it. But if you want more, by rock and stone, this stellar cooperative mining and raiding RPG sees you play dwarves in space donning different classes with their distinct play styles and role (damage dealer, medic, trapper, miner, and so on). It has an incredibly addicting gameplay loop and an RPG system that is perfectly balanced to give you upgrades and new equipment that keep things interesting. Play it, even outside of VR.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

We don’t do decimals, but in reality, my score would be 4.5/5. Once the VR port is out of beta, I will bet my fictitious beard that my final score will be a 5/5.

TMI Score 5/5

Best VR Multiplayer Shooter

14. Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR Gameplay

Keeping the moniker of referencing classic titles, Pavlov VR is literally Counter-Strike in virtual reality. That is to say, Pavlov is an online team-based and fast-paced tactical shooter.

Pavlov VR will require a fairly powerful gaming PC to run optimally.

On Steam, Pavlov VR has a “Very Positive” review score of 94% from 33,700 reviews, with the most recent being “Very Positive” at 86%.

What stood out immediately with Pavlov VR is the weapon handling and feeling. Coming from someone who played too much of the original mod from 1999 and then way too much Counter-Strike: Source, how the guns feel in Pavlov VR is the defining ‘it’ factor that makes or breaks a multiplayer game like this. Second, I have to also give big ups for Steam Workshop support and thus added free content to the game. I am less keen on the themed maps of Mario 64, Halo, Minecraft, GoldenEye, and what have you. I would have loved to see original levels instead.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 5/5

Best VR Multiplayer Racing Sims

15. iRacing

iRacing is a racing sim emphasizing realism but not overly complicated simulation. Its multiplayer races are timed to designated events you sign on. iRacing also adopts a subscription model for its payment and numerous options for car and track packages to purchase.

iRacing Virtua Reality Gameplay

iRacing will require a fairly powerful gaming PC to run optimally in VR, and yes you can use your Oculus Quest 2 as a headset of choice.

On Steam, iRacing has a “Very Positive” review score of 82% from 1,650 reviews, with the most recent being “Mostly Positive” at 74%.

If you go into iRacing with the mentality that your wallet will have a burnout hole where money escapes, you are golden and ready for iRacing. When that is said, also be aware that iRacing is not a casual racer but a somewhat middle-of-the-road track racing game. Lastly, the visuals are rather dated, given the release date was in 2015. But honestly, this benefits playing in virtual reality as it doesn’t require a master race PC rig. Because the bottom line, iRacing is a solid and fun racing experience with an active player base.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

16. DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 is a rally racing sim against AI in single-player or other players online.

On Steam, DiRT Rally 2.0 has a “Very Positive” review score of 87% from 25,400 reviews, with the most recent being “Very Positive” at 89%.

DiRT Rally 2.0 VR Gameplay

DiRT Rally 2.0 is moderately accessible as a PC VR game, requiring a gaming computer.

One of the best virtual reality gaming experiences you can get is racing games, and one of the best racing sims is DiRT Rally 2.0. This sequel expands and improves on the already excellent predecessor, delivering an incredibly immersive rally experience. Once you skirt through a muddy corner narrowed by sharp tree lines at blistering speed and with limited visibility from a semi-cracked windshield, it is impossible to return to other rallies.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 5/5

Best Multiplayer Oculus Rift Games

17. Tetris Effect: Connected (Best Oculus Rift Game)

Published and developed by Enhance Game and Japanese studios Monstars and Resonair, this game was released on November 9th, 2018, and can be played on Oculus Rift, Xbox Series X/S, Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, HTC Vive, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

Similar to the first Tetris game, the player must insert tetramines into a playing area to form complete lines that are then removed from it. With gameplay synchronized to the rhythm of the music, Tetris Effect adds colors and entertainment to thirty distinct stages.

A novel “Zone” mechanism enables players to put several blocks at once, clearing many lines simultaneously. The game also has a leveling meta-game that presents players with new difficulties as they advance.

You can play this with your friends using the interactive multiplayer mode.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 5/5

18. Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is a SciFi, Star Wars-themed space flight sim where you will dogfight against other players after you have finished the story.

Star Wars: Squadrons will require a fairly powerful gaming PC to run optimally in VR.

On Steam, Star Wars: Squadrons has a “Mostly Positive” review score of 70% from 21,250 reviews, with the most recent being “Mixed” at 59%.

The reason for the ‘mixed’ Steam reviews recently is Squadrons is a dated game, suffering from a fleeting player base plaguing so many VR multiplayer games. Also, players continue to experience issues with launching the game, although I never ran into anything like that. It is a bit unfortunate the online community is getting emptier because the accessible flight mechanics and excellent Star Wars atmosphere makes this space-flying game awesome.

If you want complex space flight sim mechanics, you can’t go wrong with Elite Dangerous in single-player or multiplayer, see below. In either case, if you manage to get a lobby full, Star Wars: Squadrons will scratch your space dogfighting itch.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 3/5

19. Elite: Dangerous (Best Space Multiplayer VR Game)

Frontier Developments developed and released this game on December 16th, 2014. It can be played on Oculus Rift, Xbox One, Mac OS, Windows PC, OSVR, HTC Vive, and PlayStation 4.

Oculus For Multiplayer VR Games

Players can take control of a starship and explore massive galaxies within the game. The game provides an incredible experience within VR, as you can invite your friends to explore with you! There are tons of new adventures and challenges to complete, and this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. 

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 4/5

20. No Man’s Sky VR (Best Multiplayer Space RPG)

No Man’s Sky adopts many identifiers: it is a base builder, RPG progression, explore, gather and survive, first- or third-person shooter, and space dogfighting. In short, No Man’s Sky is like establishing a life in VR space with a cell-shaded cartoony art style.

No Man’s Sky will require a fairly powerful gaming PC to run optimally in VR.

On Steam, No Man’s Sky VR has a “Mostly Positive” review score of 75% from 203,400 reviews, with the most recent being “Very Positive” at 86%.

No Man's Sky VR Gameplay

Let’s get the negative out of the way so I can get to the positives. No Man’s Sky still suffers from an unintuitive UI and inventory management, making the mining and gathering of material tedious. But when that is said, No Man’s Sky has become one of the best space games out there. As of writing, the dev Hello Games has rolled out 25 free substantial content updates to the game, expanding its nigh-infinite size and adding more exciting game mechanics. Something I forlornly plead more developers to adopt. But while No Man’s Sky can be a bit of Jack of all trades, master of none, all its trades are excellent.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 5/5

Bonus Multiplayer VR Games

21. Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment developed this game. Released on January 23rd, 2020, this game is one of the best realistic thriller multiplayer VR games today. This game is the perfect choice if you love fighting zombies and are okay with gruesome combat. It is available on Steam and can be played using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and other VR headsets. 

You can fight off zombies while completing different challenges within New Orleans in a post-apocalyptic world. The primary objective is to survive and find different supplies. While you combat the zombies, you can also test out different melee finishers. We must warn you, the gameplay for this one is very grotesque. You can see blood and brains everywhere as you use shotguns in close proximity to kill these zombies. 

Metaverse Insider Rating:

Marks only deducted due to the lack of multiplayer which would’ve made this a lot more fun.

TMI Score 5/5

22. Among Us VR 

Developed by Schell Games, Among Us VR was released quite recently on November 10th, 2022, and is available on MetaQuest2 and Steam. You might already be familiar with this co-op game that features teamwork with a side of betrayal. 

This game became incredibly popular during COVID lockdowns but has rapidly seen a decline in active users lately. However, their VR compatibility brings them back onto our list, as stepping into the first-person perspective makes the entire experience much more surreal.

If you’re trying to identify the imposter, you may be worried and on your toes at all times to avoid being killed and would be scrambling to complete the different tasks on time. For instance, if you’re the imposter, the experience is just as thrilling as you try to sabotage the spaceship and kill other team members.

Metaverse Insider Rating:

TMI Score 5/5

Will Multiplayer VR Games Become the Next Big Thing in Gaming?

The VR gaming industry is growing exponentially, especially due to the recent hype around the Metaverse. Players are seeking immersive experiences, therefore tech giants such as Meta working on creating high-quality VR headsets, access to VR games is easier than ever before.

Using VR, players can enter competitive multiplayer modes and compete against other players from a first-person perspective; for example,  horror and racing genres are experienced from an entirely new standpoint.

Playing multiplayer games allows players to feel like their teammates are in the same space as them, making it incredibly fun if you’re playing with your friends.

Importance of Multiplayer VR Games for the Metaverse

Contrary to popular perception, the metaverse is years (possibly decades) away. Because as envisioned by the author, Neal Stephenson, who coined “the metaverse”, deemed it as ‘nascent’. Regardless of terminology, the reason is a fully formed metaverse, as conceptualized by Matthew Ball, being massively scaled, interoperable, real-time rendered, synchronous, persistent, unlimited number of users, individual sense of presence, and continuity of data, is decades away and might never fully happen.

The reason why the current metaverse is nascent is that only some of these ‘Matthew Ball identifiers’ are present, and in large part, this is due to VR multiplayer games. Quite a statement, but let’s go through the eight identifiers through the prism of VR multiplayer games, and you will see why.


See also: What is Metaverse? Guide into the Future of Digital Reality


Massively scaled

Massively scaled means the metaverse will be dominant throughout the internet. At present, the current metaverse is only ‘partly scaled’ through Social VR worlds such as Decentraland or Roblox, which by themselves could be categorized as Multiplayer VR games. Even VR multiplayer MMOs such as Zenith: The Last City can be one such example: a VR game featured on this list.


An interoperable metaverse means that multiple virtual worlds are linked so users or players can seamlessly jump between them. For this, it is also easy to see how VR multiplayer games will pave the way for an interoperable metaverse simply because an online VR game gaining popularity will adopt cross-platform availability. In other words, PlayStation VR2 players solving mini-puzzles in Among Us VR can dodge a secret assassin playing on the Oculus Quest 2 while avoiding another player using a Valve Index.

Real-time rendered

Multiplayer games, irrespective of the VR or traditional tag, must be real-time rendered. If you blow up a building in Battlefield 5, every player in that level, no matter the platform, will also see this building turned into a rubbled mess. The same must be the case for the metaverse.


Similar to real-time rendered, synchronous means the metaverse must be immediate for every person interacting within it. The fact that online VR multiplayer games must have low latency and have actions shown and felt immediately for every player simultaneously means that multiplayer VR games are ‘real-time rendered’.


Going back to the building demolition example. A metaverse being persistent means this ruin of a building continues to be a ruin experienced by every player in Battlefield 5, regardless of the platform or when the explosion occurred.

Unlimited number of users

This identifier is self-explanatory. But a fully realized metaverse will have the ability to have the entire population of Earth into one virtual world. And the closest thing we have gotten to this is either MMOs such as World Of Warcraft or Social VR experiences such as Second Life.

Individual sense of presence

Key to an immersive metaverse is the sense of presence the virtual world can portray. So, how good the metaverse is to trick your brain into thinking you have been transported to another virtual world. You won’t care that you know the steak isn’t real.

And so, VR headset manufacturers spend an absorbent amount of money and engineering hours to increase the immersive feeling their devices can deliver. While video game developers do crunch hours to mine every bit of graphical fidelity possible out of their VR games. In other words, VR games and the headsets to experience them are the driving factors of ‘individual sense of presence’.

Continuity of data

Think of this category as real life. If you go to a clothing store and purchase a new shirt, it must be you with your money coming from your bank account: it can’t be your anonymous handle ‘MetaverseBaller99’. And, since Social VR applications like VR Chat, traditional online games like Fortnite, and multiplayer VR games like Hyper Dash handle individual players’ data, it naturally acts as the precursor to a metaverse with continuity of data.


  • What are some of the top VR games in 2022?

Some top VR games in 2022 include Resident Evil 4, Among US, Tetris Effect, Star Wars Squadrons, etc.

  • What do I need to play VR games?

To play VR games, you would need a VR headset with controllers, a PC or console, and the installed game to start playing.

  • What is VR gaming?

VR games provide access to 3D game environments where players can step into a first-person perspective and have different immersive experiences using VR headsets etc.


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When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

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