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The Best 25+ Oculus Quest 2 Games

white and black beats by dr dre headphones
white and black beats by dr dre headphones

Consistently we are asked for updates on the best Oculus Quest 2 games, and for good reason. Because the renamed-to Meta Quest 2 headset is the undisputed market leader and best-selling VR device in history. The headset is compatible with most VR games, benefitting the VR gamer. Yet, it can be a pain to sift through reams of mediocre titles and outright horrendous games to find the best. Thus, your Quest 2 finds itself lonesome on a dusty shelf.

But get your duster ready because below we will highlight over 25 of the best VR games for the Quest 2 categorized into the most popular genres so you can find what strikes your fancy.

Let’s get started.

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How To Use Oculus Guest 2

The Meta/Oculus Quest 2 is an all-in-one, standalone VR headset. This means the Quest 2 works without a PC to power it or external base stations to track the headset. In other words, you can choose between playing your VR games natively on the Quest 2 or as connected with your gaming PC.

This last part is crucial, as in standalone mode, the Oculus Quest 2 only accesses Meta’s proprietary app store: Oculus Home. While if tethered to your gaming PC via USB-C or Quest Link, a world of games is found through Steam.

Thus this games list will feature VR games from Oculus Home and Steam, segmented into easily searched genres enabling you to jump to your favorite VR games genre. Note that most VR titles feature one or more genres, so I recommend going through the entire list to find the perfect VR games for you.

Best Free Oculus Quest 2 Games

1. Gun Raiders

Screenshot of Gun-Raiders Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

If you are into fast-paced arena-shooters akin to Unreal Tournament, Gun Raiders is an excellent VR title that is unbelievable it is free. It has loads of weapon variety, a vibrant player base, and cosmetic microtransactions that don’t impact gameplay. I particularly like the wall running as it brings neat tactical mobility to the matches.

2. Bait!

Screenshot of Bait! Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

On an entirely different genre, Bait!, despite the exclamation mark, is a casual and relaxing fishing simulator in delightful outdoor environments. You can catch fish alone or with friends, so it has a wonderful ‘hang-out’ factor, while the tone and campaign also are charming with cell-shaded characters and biomes.

Best Action Quest 2 Games


Screenshot of Gorn Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

GORN has a seasoned game dev behind it, who struck fame from the well-known indie game Broforce and thus GORN is one of the best hack-and-slash VR games on the market. You assume the role of a gladiator who slices their way through waves of muscled brutes in delightfully gory displays of cartoony violence. One moment memorized as a dent in my wall happened after I shouted: “Are you not entertained!” while I was caught off-guard from the side where the wall was. Because of this, GORN is on this list.

4. Swarm

Screenshot of Swarm Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

Swarm is if Attack On Titan and Unreal Tournament had a baby. It is immense arcade fun and is essentially an improved version of Gun Raiders in every aspect. Though, I recommend being a somewhat seasoned VR gamer, as the zero-gravity grappling hook mechanics at speed can make you dizzy. Pick this one up if shooting drones out of the air while swinging like Spider-Man sounds appealing.

Best Quest 2 Shooters

5. Onward

Screenshot of Onward Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

Onto shooters, a close cousin of the action genre and one of the most popular genre of Oculus Quest 2 games. Onward is Rainbox Six in VR, which means it is a team-based tactical shooter with a heavy focus on realism and team coordination. It is one of those VR shooters that has a tense atmosphere until it is suddenly released in an intense shootout.


Screenshot of Super Hot VR Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

SUPERHOT VR is a game you likely know about and thus will cringe at the following sentence. Because in this innovative VR puzzle shooter, time only moves when you move, a perfect mechanic for virtual reality. Essentially, you have ample time to plot out the order of attack as geometric cell-shaded figures come at you in slow motion. Also, the campaign is delightfully meta.

Best Quest 2 RPG games

7. Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution

Screenshot of The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 Retribution Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

If you haven’t played either of the Saint & Sinners games, stop reading and fire up the first game, then fire up the second game and return to this list. Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, despite the terribly long name of the sequel, are outstanding and atmospheric survival, semi-open world, narrative-driven, horror-zombie RPGs. And while they wear many hats, they come together to form one of the best VR games ever.

8. Zenith: The Last City

Screenshot of Zenith: The Last City Gameplay, played on Oculus Quest 2

MMORPGs are still on the niche side of gaming after the juggernaut World Of Warcraft lost its global player base. However, this reputation is what Zenith: The Last City is trying to address with virtual reality. While it is still in Early Access, the developers are consistently updating it with new worlds, crafting, pets, combat, and exploration. Simply put, it is a solid high fantasy MMORPG in VR to play with your friends.

Best Multiplayer Quest 2 Games

9. Among Us VR

Screenshot of Among Us VR, played on Oculus Quest 2

Among Us was a cultural phenomenon within the gaming industry. But if you don’t know what among us is, it is one the best multiplayer experiences you can have with your friends in VR, bar none. In a nutshell, you are within a closed level with your friends completing puzzles for your team to win while 1 or 2 of your friends, secretly, are assassins out to backstab you. The game is a race against if the puzzle solvers or assassins win and produces delightfully high-pitched shrieks.

10. Contractors

Screenshot of Contractors VR, played on Oculus Quest 2

Contractors is if Call Of Duty was in VR. That is to say, it is a team-based shooter with a stronger focus on weapon customizability and realism. There is really no other way to describe this game, so if you have or had an unhealthy relationship with CoD in the past, Contractors is up your alley.

Best Rhythm Quest 2 Games

11. Beat Saber

Screenshot of Beat Saber, played on Oculus Quest 2

Yes, it is not the most original choice, but Beat Saber has garnered its popularity for a reason. Simply, Beat Saber is a rhythm game where you slice neon-colored blocks with a lightsaber to the beat of a song. And it is one of those VR games I consistently come back to stress off a day’s work while getting my pulse up. Just fire up your favorite song you have ported in, and you can thank me later.

12. Ragnarock

Screenshot of Ragnarock, played on Oculus Quest 2

Taking a starkly different turn but staying on the rhythm game road is Ragnarock. A Norse-inspired heavy metal VR title where you beat on war drums in Viking longships. So while it is similar to Beat Saber in the game mechanics, the undeniable style sells Ragnarock for me to place it as one of the best.

Best Flight Sims for the Quest 2

13. Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe

Screenshot of Microsoft Flight Simulator VR, played on Oculus Quest 2

If I was tasked to make a top 10 VR games list for Quest 2 of all time, Microsoft Flight Simulator will battle for the number one spot. The level of detail the devs have achieved in replicating not just the sky with volumetric clouds and different weather effects, the true marvel is the ground. Because it is one thing to read that you can fly anywhere on our Blue Planet and experience a realistic depiction of everything, it is a whole other to experience it in VR from a beautifully rendered cockpit. If this is not enough, you can integrate real-world flight data, day-night cycle, and weather patterns to take your immersion up a notch.

14. Ultrawings 2

Screenshot of Ultrawings 2, played on Oculus Quest 2

Ultrawings 2 is a flight sim without the sim part. This arcade game sees you flying through obstacles as buildings and bridges to the sound of lighthearted and comedic voice-over comments. The flying mechanics are focused on fun over realism, and each of the five planes (plus one helicopter) feels different soaring through the skies.

Best Space Oculus Quest 2 Games

15. No Man’s Sky VR

Screenshot of No Man's Sky VR, played on Oculus Quest 2

No Man’s Sky is the zenith of space exploration games, not because of realistic visuals – look below for that – but for the sheer size of the procedurally-generated planets. In one sentence, No Man’s Sky is a space exploration survival game with superb base building and shooting mechanics wrapped in a grabbing RPG progression system. Yet, the best part of this game is the 25 free and substantial content updates other publishers should take note of.

16. Elite Dangerous

Screenshot of Elite Dangerous VR, played on Oculus Quest 2

The most realistic and jaw-dropping depiction of the night sky up close is Elite Dangerous in virtual reality. It is truly breathtaking flying up against colorful nebulas and shining dwarf planets while dodging an asteroid belt, or testing the heatshield of your ship while experimenting with how close you can get to a star. The one caution you should know, however, is the immense learning curve to be climbed first. They don’t call Elite Dangerous the NASA training simulator for nothing.

Best Racing Oculus Oculus Quest 2 Game

17. DiRT Rally 2.0

Screenshot of Dirt Rally 2.0, played on Oculus Quest 2

Racing sims are one of the games genres better in VR from the superior immersion, and DiRT Rally 2.0 takes full advantage. Turning in a 45-degree corner from a wet, muddy path to a paved tarmac while the door to your left hangs on its last hinges from the crash moments earlier. This is what makes DiRT Rally 2.0 a VR game everyone must experience.

18. iRacing

Screenshot of iRacing, played on Oculus Quest 2

If you don’t mind scorching a hole in your wallet, iRacing is the racing sim for enthusiasts and ‘filthy casuals’ like me. The roster of vehicles continues to expand from Nascars to open-wheelers primed and ready to hit the skit and tarmac. And when you want a bit more realism, the driving events in iRacing are anchored to the real-world time that you sign up for. iRacing has an alluring introductory price, but it is in the content patches your descent into poverty and racing begins. There are numerous racing sims for VR, but iRacing is the best overall option.

Best Adventure Oculus Quest 2 Games

19. Half-Life: Alyx

Screenshot of Half-Life: Alyx, played on Oculus Quest 2

A top VR games list without Half-Life: Alyx instantly loses its credibility. In fact, the number one spot for the best VR game is between Microsoft Flight Simulator and Alyx. Alyx adopts the same action-horror physics puzzle mechanics set in a dilapidated post-apocalyptic world as its Half-Life counterparts. Namely, the story and witty sarcasm take this native VR game to new heights and is a must-play even for players not into adventure games.

20. Trover Saves the Universe

Screenshot of Trover Saves the Universe, played on Oculus Quest 2

Interestingly, few know about Trover Saves the Universe, which is ironic as it is made by the creator behind Rick & Morty. And just like the adult cartoon pendant Trover has the same unique mixture of toilet humor with deep philosophical and scientific meta subtexts. Namely, its consistent jabs at video game oddities had me roar laughing more than once, similar to The Stanley Parable.

Best Exploration and Puzzle Oculus Quest 2 games

21. Hitman 3

Screenshot of Hitman 3, played on Oculus Quest 2

Pioneering the Onion level design of gradually peeling back the security layers through subterfuge and disguises. Hitman 3 is part of the legacy game series by the same name that always managed to strike a balance between silly over-the-top assassinations with realism. Thus, when Hitman 3 exited its PSVR exclusivity and became available to PCVR and Quest 2, it had to appear on this list.

22. I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar

Screenshot of I Expect You To Die 2, played on Oculus Quest 2

First, I recommend both I Expect You To Die and the sequel I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar because one cannot be enjoyed without the other. At the core, the I Expect You To Die series is colloquially known as the Dark Souls of puzzle games as you break the zany riddles and virtual escape rooms through dying. The puzzles offered are clever and delightfully hidden while you are strung along a narrative with a charming, fun tone. In short, if you’ve ever been in an escape room and loved it, these two VR games are for you.

Best Workout and Sports Oculus Quest 2 Games

23. Walkabout Mini Golf

Screenshot of Walkabout Mini Golf, played on Oculus Quest 2

Ironically, Walkabout Mini Golf is one of my favorite VR games of all time as I am not into actual mini golf. The reason is the relaxation factor this game produces through the stellar sound design and levels resembling the whimsical structures you see on real mini golf courses but blown up to the whole world. Further, plenty of new content is released to Walkabout, some with neat themes from other games such as the classic, Myst. After a long day, hitting a virtual ball through haphazardly-built courses in a tropical paradise is exactly what I need, and I venture, to you as well.

24. The Thrill of the Fight

Screenshot of The Thrill of the Fight, played on Oculus Quest 2

Where Walkabout is a tranquil sports game, The Thrill of the Fight is a cardio-testing boxing workout game. Yes, there are more varied VR workout titles, but The Thrill of the Fight keeps you motivated with its high-intensity fun factor in both its training with your coach and the matches against virtual opponents. Namely, you can approach this boxing game like a spinning class with peak ferocity or a more methodical plan of attack, gradually bringing on a sweat. For that versatility, The Thrill of the Fight is the best workout game.

Best Quest 2 Survival Games

25. Green Hell VR

Screenshot of Green Hell VR, played on Oculus Quest 2

There are a dime a dozen survival games outside of VR, and some see the light of day with virtual reality support. The two survival games featured here are two such examples. Green Hell VR leaves you in the middle of the jungle to your own devices, prompting you to explore, gather, survive, build, and thrive. In particular, the creeping atmosphere of an environment where you are not the apex predator taps into your primal instincts, while after 10 hours of gameplay, you notice you have become an expert to be featured on the next survival reality TV show.

26. Subnautica

Screenshot of Subnautica, played on Oculus Quest 2

Thalassophobia is the immense fear of the deep blue sea, and incidentally, what I have. So naturally, when Subnautica enabled VR support, I had to try it. And when you dive into the alien ocean and mix in outstanding exploration driven by a mysterious plot and great crafting and building mechanics, you have me hooked. Just be aware, under the surface, Lovecraftian horrors lurk as you uncover long-abandoned alien technologies.

Oculus Guest 2 Games To Look For

27. I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine

Screenshot of I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine, played on Oculus Quest 2

Once released, I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine will deliver one of – if not the – best trilogy in VR gaming. And while it might just be another I Expect You To Die edition to the series with little innovation, I am all here for it, and if you have played the first two games, odds are you are too.

28. Assassin’s Creed Nexus

To the disdain of Ubisoft execs, Assassin’s Creed Nexus is the leaked native VR game the global studio in question is developing, and it looks to possibly be the best VR game of 2023. It is rumored that you control fan favorites like Ezio and other AC characters like Connor, Kassandra, and Haytham through innovative movement mechanics in VR. Personally, I can’t wait to sneak, pickpocket, precision combat using my hidden blade, and Leap of Faith in virtual reality.

The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

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The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

Picture of Jake Vikoren

Jake Vikoren

Company Speaker

Picture of Deep Prasad

Deep Prasad

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Picture of Araceli Venegas

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